TikiTag.com – Linking Things To The Internet

TikiTag.comTikitag.com is a very interesting site.

Through it, you’ll be able to find applications that will make your internet surfing more interesting, If you have any ideas, you can throw them on the site to let people know about them. This will allow you to come to the site and find what people want from their computers, their businesses, and basically anything else. The site is like a global sharing site on all things that could make the internet better. Once it grows, developers will probably be closely looking to it to find out what people want from their applications. Just create an account and start exploring the site’s many features. It would take a much longer review to get down everything the site does and what it could provide for the world. It’s a very great idea that could spark the minds of people who will change the internet, and maybe even the world.

TikiTag.com In Their Own Words

“Tikitag links real-life things to the online world.”

Why TikiTag.com It Might Be A Killer

Like I said before, this could be a source of inspiration for developers looking for new ideas for applications that could change the way we use the internet.

Some Questions About TikiTag.com

Will this take off? Are people willing to share their best ideas with the rest of the world for someone else to execute? TikiTag.com