Want To Enjoy A More Active Life? Tighten The Core’s Fitness Machine Has Your Back

While I sat recently bandaging my wounds and pride shortly after my first fall in the shower – back already aching – I kept thinking that I never would have lost my balance if I’d been taking better care of myself.


Lessons from yoga echoed: the health of the body is measured by the health of the spine, activate the core to protect the spine. I’d let these lessons quiet in my memory as I’d spent more and more hours working seated at a desk.


Well, I wish I could have discovered the Core Activator before needing one as rehab tool, but I’m excited nonetheless to have learned about this spine-friendly piece of equipment.





The Core Activator is a fitness machine made by Tighten The Core that lets you get a complete body workout, while protecting the spine and activating your core.


In the company’s own words, “This patented machine is the first to move you in all three planes of motion, take compression loads off of your spine, and activate multiple core muscles around your spine; all while keeping you in a safer/more powerful spine neutral position.”


Why is this so awesome?


When your back is allowed to move properly and your core muscles work together, you develop a healthy low back. You can not only ease pain but correct it. This is because you build muscle memory for healthy movements. Through repetition, and after strengthening your core, you learn to reflexively make stable movements.


So, the next time you reach for something in the fridge, sit at your work desk (turn awkwardly on a slippery bathroom floor), you’ll be less likely to round your back and expose yourself to injury.



Here’s a list of just a few benefits of using the Core Activator:

  • Ease back pain
  • Maintain low back health
  • Improve posture
  • Burn more calories
  • Release tension
  • Breathe better
  • Tone love handles

Say goodbye to killing yourself at the gym or doing sit-ups ever again. And that’s not just me talking, it’s science. The Core Activator was created by Dr. Jeff Fishel.


Dr. Jeff learned firsthand about living with back pain as an injured athlete and survivor of a horrific car accident. While spending months in the hospital and rehab, he began his lifelong study of spinal health. He continues to treat victims of trauma and spinal injuries, and was inspired to build the Core Activator himself after one on his patients teased that someone should make a low back and core training device that was safe for the spine. Dr. Jeff was the just the guy, er… doctor for job.


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Thanks to a science and medicine-based design, the Core Activator is good for athletes, seniors, desk warriors, the patients of physical therapists and chiropractors alike.


Are you ready to train more efficiently while protecting your back? Do you like the sound of tightening your core and leading a more active life without needing rigorous exercise? Good news then! The Core Activator is coming your way soon, and you can help see it into the world by supporting its Indiegogo campaign.


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