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Tier 1 Apps Makes Apps Accessible to Local Businesses, Small Startups

These days it seems like we have an app for everything from getting a taxi to tracking your sleep to managing fertility. It’s become par for the course that people can download an app for any business they interact with – whether it’s small and local or a giant chain. And while customers love and expect apps from the places the frequent, they’re also a great idea from a business standpoint.


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It used to be time-consuming, not to mention prohibitively expensive, to develop an app for your business – you had to hire a programmer and spend months in development before you had a usable app you could release to your customers, making it difficult for anyone other than the largest of companies to take advantage of newer technology and mobile marketing opportunities. Tier 1 Apps is changing all that, allowing you to build beautiful, powerful mobile apps in minutes for reasonable prices with their wizard. It’s as simple as filling in a few forms and clicking save.

Tier 1 Apps also offers an affiliate program and a new, already popular reseller program, so you can either refer folk or create apps through their platform and resell them to restaurants, realtors, etc.

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Along with features you might expect to see on the platform, such as lots of color and design options, google maps and directions options, customer feedback, email/call us functions, and the ability to create custom forms, add restaurant menus, add products to a shopping cart, etc, Tier 1 Apps has a number of recently released features that will make your app even more useful and engaging:

Social Integration – Include your social media links so customers can quickly and easily find you on their preferred platform. Tier 1 Apps currently fully supports Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, Yelp, TripAdvisor, Foursquare, Pinterest, and Zomato.

Scratch Off Contests – You can offer prizes to customers when they sign into your app using the touch screen scratch off feature. Contests and prizes are a great way to engage your customers and give them incentive to sign into the app again and again.

Event Promotion – For DJs, venues, and event organizers, Tier 1 App’s event promotion feature is great for getting out the details about your event quickly and easily, resulting in more.

Text Message Marketing – Easily send out text messages – not easily ignorable push notifications – to your customers to alert them about sales, contests, etc.

Digital Business Cards – Digital vCards are the latest technology to hit web apps, and make it super easy to share all your contact info with your customers with just a click of a button.

Multi-Language – The app builder allows you to choose from English, Spanish, or French, currently. Hopefully more options will be added in the future, but it’s great to see that they’re starting off with more than just English as an option.


If you’ve been wishing for an easy way to create an app for your business at a price you can afford, Tier 1 Apps is for you. Pricing for this app builder starts at $79/month or $499/year for the Standard package. All of their packages include access to their app wizard and all the features, google analytics integration, and premium support, and mostly vary in how many apps they allow you to create.


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Author : Kae Burdo

Kae Burdo is a freelance writer, alt. sex(uality) & relationship educator, and event planner. With over a decade of writing experience, their passions are international politics, the vast range of human sexuality, issues relating to intersectional feminism, and technology and startups. Follow them on twitter @kaeburdo.

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