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TidyRead.comWhen it comes to certain sites, the amount of distractions is such that readability becomes a true issue. Advertisements that should not be where they are, widgets that take up too much space… the list is endless, and your eyes can’t but stray from where they should rest.


Enter TidyURL, a new solution that intends to make the web enjoyable again by stripping sites of all the clutter and formatting the text for easy reading. The implementation of such a system is certainly easy, as all you have to do is furnish the URL of the page or blog post that you desire to delve upon and hit the “TidyRead It” button.

Alternatively, you can resort to the provided bookmarklet and format pages from the comfort of your preferred browser. All the major current web browsers are supported, and there is also a small section detailing how to install the bookmarklet just in case.

Other than that, the main page includes a list of what others are TinyReading at any given time, so that you can easily see the uses this solution can be put to. In Their Own Words

“TidyRead is a service that extracts the text from almost any web site and displays it on an easy to read page that removes all of the clutter that can make reading on the internet so hard sometimes. While reading is one of the main activities on the internet, a lot of sites pay very little attention to the readability of their text. Instead, the reader’s eye is constantly drawn to other UI elements, ads, and widgets. TidyRead is setting to change this and makes online reading enjoyable.

TidyRead provides a browser bookmarklet, which strips away all the extra stuff from news or blog article pages, leaving you with some nicely formatted text to read. Drag this link TidyRead to your browser’s bookmark toolbar. When visiting a web page worth reading, simply click the link to enable TidyRead.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The readability of certain sites is a true problem sometimes. This service comes to the rescue.

Some Questions About

How can this service be further developed and enhanced?

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