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TickPick.comStanding in line for three hours just to get a ticket is no longer needed. A new marketplace named TickPick has just been launched, and it lets you get quality tickets for reasonable prices, while saving you all the hassles. On TickPick.com, tickets are listed based both on price and quality. You can search the site by event, by artist and by date, and once you’ve found anything you like then you can either place a bid or get the ticket immediately by using the site’s “Buy it Now” feature.

And just in case you wonder about the authenticity of what you’re buying, then it suffices to say that TickPick guarantees you’re buying nothing but genuine tickets by giving you a 110% refund if there’s any trouble at the gate.

Of course, you can still stand in line for the best part of an afternoon as a way of showing your best-loved performer how much he means to you. But if you could get front row tickets, you might as well shout that out to him/her between numbers. Which is better, I ask you?

TickPick.com In Their Own Words

We make purchasing tickets for live events faster, easier and more fun.

Some Questions About TickPick.com

What about people who live outside of the US? Can they also buy and sell tickets through this site? TickPick.com