TicketPlayground.com – Buying Tickets Online

TicketPlayground.comTicket Playground is a company that aims to change the way tickets are traditionally bought online, and it aims to do so not only by charging less onerous fees (10 % as opposed to the 25 % fee that such transactions always involve) but by actually letting you buy the tickets 24 hours before the show is to begin. That is a major difference indeed.

Other sites that serve a similar purpose require you to buy the ticket up to 72 hours before the spectacle is set to start.

That alone makes a very big difference in the way that people arrange and plan everything. Of course, people who procrastinate a lot are sort of being pandered, but that is no fault of Ticekt Playgound at all.

On a different note, the site intends to keep people motivated and coming back for more by implementing full networking features. Users can chat, post pictures and keep blogs very easily, effectively developing further bonds. And the fact that users can comment on their favorite events simply make it all even more social.

TicketPlayground.com In Their Own Words

“Purchase tickets online or through your cellphone.”

Why TicketPlayground.com It Might Be A Killer

The fact that you can buy tickets at such short notice gives it a clear edge over related services.

Some Questions About TicketPlayground.com

Are shows and spectacles of every kind supported? TicketPlayground.com