TickerHound.com – Investing for the Rest of Us

TickerHound.comInvesting is tricky business. There are so many terms, stocks, legal and tax issues to wrangle and wrap your head around that it often seems easier to just stick your funds in a money market and be content with the return.

Wall Street is an incomprehensible maze of handshakes and gestures and shouting, and suits, so much so that it seems like another planet. So where does the beginning investor turn to in these heady times, that is if you’re brave enough to weather calls of recession. There is money to be made afterall. Try TickerHound. TickerHound is a new site designed to educated investors. It cover everything from commodities, to energy and industrials to debt. The format is question and answer. You can post a question or provide an answer. Answering is not limited to so-called “experts” anyone who has financial knowledge can answer. Users can take what they want from the range of answers provided. The service is free and currently in very beta stages so the amount of questions and answers isn’t anything to write home about, but it’s promising.

TickerHound.com In Their Own Words

Our mission is to educate and empower individual investors. So what does that mean to you?
Have you ever had a question about money, finance or investing and didn’t know where to turn? Are you tired of relying on the advice of “professionals” and never really knowing enough about your own portfolio and stocks within it?”

Why TickerHound.com It Might Be A Killer

Tickerhound is a great resource for financial experts and amateurs to come together and discuss investing. It serves to educate through the masses. If you’ve got a question about investing, give Tickerhound a try.

Some Questions About TickerHound.com

Can Tickerhound become a go-to source for investing like Motely Fool or the Street? Will users get good advice. If anyone can answer, will the quality of advice suffer? Will this deter users? TickerHound.com