TiaLia.com – Vietnamese Global Entertainment Network

TiaLia.comTiaLia is an entertainment network which can let just anybody know more about all the cultural activities going on in Vietnam. All the people who visit the site will get a comprehensive overview of all the movies and TV shows being produced in the country, and about all the actors and actresses who are an active part of them.

In addition to that, TiaLia.com features a forum where users can discuss everything about these shows and movies that they follow. Fans can talk about the latest casting decisions concerning their favorite shows, and praise/condemn the ones responsible for them and for every other development such as unwarranted plot twists. They can likewise create petitions in order to keep these shows they love from being cancelled.

One thing to keep in mind is that TiaLia.com is actually in Vietnamese. That certainly lowers its appeal, as people from other countries will not be able to learn about Vietnamese culture through the site – only those who actually live there and speak the language will.

TiaLia.com In Their Own Words

TiaLia Vietnamese Global Entertainment Network.

Why TiaLia.com It Might Be A Killer

This site offers a great opportunity for those Vietnamese people far away from home to keep connected with its most representative cultural representations.

Some Questions About TiaLia.com

The site is written in Vietnamese, so how are strangers to the language supposed to understand? Will they ever offer an English version of the site? TiaLia.com