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Thwapr.comThwapr is a very straightforward application that is aimed at /b>mobile users. It will enable them to share media that they have captured (like images and videos) without having to download anything or engage into any unnecessarily complicated operation.


All that is needed is text messaging and mobile browsing to access the site, as you take the picture or video and then share it with your friends by tapping it. That is possible because the media itself is kept in the cloud, and that turns it into something instantly accessible.

As it stands, the service woks both for people in the United States and Canada, and about 100 different phones are supported. It goes without saying that it has two main advantages: being free, and necessitating no downloads to get going. That might seem like nothing but a minor chore, but people are always reticent to install this or that from experience.

And the fact remains that there is always a demand for tools that make sharing mobile content a doodle, especially among younger people. That is the clear audience this is aimed at to me, and from the try I gave it I dare say it can definitely catch on. In Their Own Words

“Mobile to mobile video sharing.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It can become specially successful among younger users since it is free and very fast.

Some Questions About

Will premium services be eventually offered?

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