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thumbnailspro.comCaptures thumbnails of websites in 100% quality, has over 1000 sizes by request as simple as &s=300 at the end of the request and allows you to cut off the bottom of the thumbnail if desired using &cut=400, that would display a rectangle type website thumbnail!. In Their Own Words

Trying now to get rid of the queue and capture thumbnails on the fly…

Why It Might Be A Killer

Because has the HIGHEST QUALITY thumbnails of any online website thumbnail service on the internet and is fast, simple, easy and currently FREE!

Some Questions About

Question : What is the stock size of your thumbnails with a specifed?

Answer : Stock size is 100 pixels wide X 75 pixels in height!


Constantly updating capture program, queue, and website… trying to make it as effecient as possible!

Author : Caroline Bright

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