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Thrutu.comAn application that Android users have known for a couple of weeks already and which has just now become available to iPhone users, Thrutu makes in-call multitasking possible in a way that is certainly elegant. This app empowers users to share media such as images and videos while they are talking, without having to do anything overly-complicated and risk dropping the call.

This is made possible by launching the app before calling anybody (or by setting it to launch automatically when a call comes through). When Thrutu is running, users are empowered to instantly share images, their location, and also their contact information with those they are talking to. It is all achieved via an interface that lets them switch from call mode to something that we might as well call “share” mode. A simple tap lets users exchange one screen for the other. And all that takes place as the conversation is actually being held.

The Thrutu app can be downloaded absolutely for free. As mentioned at the beginning, the Android version of the application has been around for a couple of weeks now, and it has already been downloaded over 250,000 times. The iOS version has just seen the light. In Their Own Words

Thrutu lets you share all kinds of information and media while you?re on a call ? at the touch of a button, and without disrupting the conversation.

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Which is better – Innobell or Thrutu? Which work faster?

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