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ThriveSoftware.comIntroduced as “the app for independent store owners”, Thrive can take care of analyzing transactional data and the behavior of customers, and based on the trends and patters that it perceives make recommendations to its users that (if followed) should give them a better shot at attaining beefier sales levels. A paid application (it costs $20 monthly while in beta), Thrive is simplicity in itself – store owners are just asked to fed the application with all the information about their stores. Thrive then takes care of producing a set of smart recommendations.

The Thrive application is actually split into three different sections, all of which go by self-explanatory names: the advertising manager, the marketing manager and the sales manager. Taken as a whole, these let store owners figure out why their conversion rates look like they do, and figure out which ads work, and which kind of customers are worth pursuing.

All of the above is handled using a straightforward dashboard that lets users clearly focus their attention on these performance variables they feel they ought to prioritize first of all.

And features which are in the pipeline include adding POS integration, and making the service mobile-accessible in order to give store owners that added touch of flexibility. In Their Own Words

Thrive is a web app designed specifically for independent store owners. It shows you where to put your time and money to reach sales levels you never thought possible. Get started today and let Thrive take the guesswork out of your sales and marketing.

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Which features will the mobile version of Thrive have? What has been requested and/or suggested by current users of the application?