– Let People Describe You In Three Words

ThreeWords.meHow much would three words say about you? Would they give others an accurate idea of who you are, or would they paint a completely misleading picture? Well, if you are in the mood for finding that out all you have to do is point your browse to this site.

On you will be able to give all your friends on the Social Web the chance to describe who you are in such a limited number of words. All you have to do is set up an account (something that is done in a mere couple of clicks) and then watch the feedback roll in.

In actuality, a service such as this one can be used not only by individuals. It is anything but far-fetched to think of companies adopting one such system to learn how their customers feel about the products they are releasing. I mean, submitting feedback through something like is ten times easier than filling a boring survey out. And since a single user can create as many accounts as he wishes, it is perfectly possible for companies to come up with a page for its each and every product. In Their Own Words by Mark Bao gives you a page where your friends can describe you in three words.

Why It Might Be A Killer

As far as systems for collecting feedback go, this is as straight it gets.

Some Questions About

How can this concept be expanded without losing its directness?