– Making Web Fraud A Thing Of The Past

ThreatMetrix.comIf you think about it, web fraud is no more significant or widespread than any other type of criminal activity in the physical world. The trouble might be that its consequences are not really felt with the same immediacy.

That is, if someone steals your credit card from your wallet then that’s it. But if someone gets hold of your credit card number you might not notice straightaway. Any online retailer which hopes to even stand a chance in the world of eCommerce should take the utmost steps for giving their customers the guarantee that their data will be secure. And this company provides exactly that – a fraud network that enables companies to watch out for fraud by applying rules, templates and a scoring that is individually set down.

This fraud network makes for detecting returning customers based on data that is mined from their TCP/IP packets, and that is matched with the data of previously profiled computers. The idea is to determine how risky the transaction is, and whether or not the customer should be allowed to create an account, use a credit card or even login for that matter.

The system can even determine if the visitor’s computer has been used previously in a botnet, and if it is in a different location from the one that is claimed. That is an interesting set of services, and taken as a whole they stand as a definitive step in the right direction towards making the Web something more transparent. The site has a “Solutions by industry” section, and I advice you to give it a good look if you feel like knowing more. In Their Own Words

“Authorize payments, verify new accounts and authenticate returning customers. Device identification without personal information, in real-time, on a worldwide network.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Anything that brings so much transparency to the world of eCommerce is a remarkable development indeed.

Some Questions About

Is this specially suited to any particular industry?