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In my house growing up, as far as I can remember, style and clothing were not words ever spoken in the same sentence. I wore blue jeans and tee shirts, always, with a sweatshirt and jacket added during winter. Church on Sundays was the only exception to the usual attire, which meant slacks (still can’t tell you what makes a pair of pants slacks instead of simply pants), and a buttoned shirt and loafers.


No wonder I’ve always loved camping, because it’s the only setting in which I’ve truly felt confident that I’m dressed appropriately. My wife routinely laughs at my wardrobe selection before leaving the house, so I now consult with her each morning to ensure that I’ll pass for a grown up.


My background might suggest that I am not one to appreciate a startup concerned with fashion and style, but just the opposite is true. ThreadsRefined is a company whose value I grasp immediately.


threadsrefined landing


ThreadsRefined outfits each customer with a personal stylist, virtual or in-person, depending on your needs and location. For the many men like myself, who finally acknowledge a need to improve their appearance in order advance professionally, assistance from ThreadsRefined is a tremendous help.


After providing some information about your tastes, shopping habits, desires, ThreadsRefined pairs customers with the proper stylist. This personal stylist – an elite talent from the world of fashion, blogging, or celebrity styling – then consults with you. Your stylist can help you to edit your closet, figure out what brands you should buy and where you can find the best deals, serve as a personal shopper. He or she can help you prepare for different seasons, pack for a trip, and keep your look coordinated given any changing circumstances.


The platform is great for a number or reasons. Your stylist will have you looking good at all times. You can cut down drastically on the time you spend shopping (I say, this is  worth gold). And you avoid the aggressive salespeople that try to put you in clothes that don’t fit either your style or budget. Yeah, that’s worth gold, too.


Then there’s the reasonableness of the fees ThreadsRefined charges. A Jump Starter virtual consultation runs just $35, with package solutions beginning at $140. So say you’re a budding founder about to present to people and serve as the face of your company. You may need more robust help revamping your image, preparing for photoshoots, etc. The Style Connoisseur plan may work better for you. ThreadsRefined also offers The Head Turner level of personal styling for those who need to seriously impress.


To borrow from the website, “each tier brings more experience, more designer relationships, and more access to sales and launches as you go up in price.” Regardless of where you fall in the spectrum of the style needs, ThreadsRefined offers an approachable, effective, and winning service.


I’ll bet they can show you how to sport one sexy campfire look as well.


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