Threadsmiths – Though I Walk Through The Party Of The Wine Of Red, I Will Fear No Stain

I don’t wear white shirts for the same reason that very few of us are capable of performing brain surgery – there’s zero margin for error. I know, I know, white Tees and dress shirts are essential for any dude’s wardrobe. Just not mine. I don’t have the bankroll to replace my clothing after single usage.


The last time I wore a white dress shirt was to a wedding, September 2014, in San Sebastian, Spain. While dancing, I spilt red wine down the front and ruined the shirt, despite a valiant attempt by my wife to immediately clean the stain. (There has been no effort on her part since to convince me that I should try wearing white again.)




So, it was with cautious enthusiasm that I accepted an invitation to test The Cavalier, a hydrophobic stain-resistant dress shirt by Threadsmiths. Nanotechnology promised a fabric similar to the lotus leaf in the way that it would prevent water molecules from adhering. Wine or Sriracha sauce dumped onto their products, the website flaunted, would stay on the surface and easily wash away.


My shirt arrived in the mail shortly after I’d finished brewing a pot of coffee. Perfect timing. Any shirt of mine needs to withstand coffee splashes. I proceeded to pour coffee onto the front of the shirt directly from the pot. Good thing I did so over the sink, or I would have burnt my feet with a coffee waterfall – the liquid streamed and beaded on top of the fabric, then raced off like rainwater from the hood of a well-waxed car. Without leaving a mark.


This was awesome to behold. Might I dare to wear white again? I decided to let the shirt really have it, and placed it down in the sink this time and poured coffee again, making sure to hit the collar and sleeves as well as the front. What water didn’t run instantly pooled on top of the cotton instead of soaking the cloth.


After I lifted the shirt out of the coffee, I gave it a quick rinse. Only the faintest of faintest hint of coffee remained. A gentle scrub with soap and the shirt was perfectly white again. Threadsmiths can call it hydrophobic nanotechnology, I’ll call it magic. Any other dress shirt I’ve owned would have required emergency cleaning and probably still gone in the dumpster. The Threadsmiths dress shirt was good as new.


shirt photo


In addition to the near miraculous ability to resist staining, the shirt proved comfortable. The slim fit was flattering but not restrictive, and the cut didn’t leave excessive shirt hanging below my waistline – meaning it serves well for both dress or casual use. The cotton itself felt of a heavy, durable quality, by my untrained estimation, but breathed easily.


Even without the superpower to deflect staining, I would have been happy with the shirt. Taking into account the dry cleaning bills or wardrobe turnover the Cavalier can eliminate (the fun you can have with party guests daring them to spill on you and walking away unscathed), the shirt is a definite keeper.


Guys – and I can’t imagine the situation any different for the gals – I highly recommend you try out Threadsmiths apparel. If I can feel confident in a white dress shirt, anyone can.


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