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thoof.comThoof is a personalized news service currently in private beta. Users submit the news they like, much in the same fashion as Digg.

Thoof determines if other users will see the item based on their previous selections (Thoof aims to find out what you like according to your click history). Other readers are free to edit news items; changes are voted upon; if they are liked they stand. Over time Thoof will bring you news specifically tailored to your tastes. There’s no ratings or voting on specific stories; Thoof does all the work for you. Sign up now for an invite; this news service guarantees it will be different. In Their Own Words

Thoof is a website that offers interesting news articles, websites, videos, photographs, and other links from around the web. Everything on the site is posted by Thoof readers, and can also be improved and edited by those same readers. What makes Thoof unique is a sophisticated algorithm which discovers a reader”s interests and tailors the stories to each reader”s individual tastes. Every Thoof reader will see a personalized page with stories he or she will find interesting. All that you, as a reader, have to do is simply read what you like, and Thoof takes care of the rest!

Why It Might Be A Killer

Thoof’s potential success is banked on it’s offer of personalization. Unlike other news services, the reader doesn’t have to do any of the work; Thoof internalizes a reader’s preferences and brings news that will interest them.

Some Questions About

Personalized news services have come and gone. Many haven”t been able to keep the traffic coming. Will Thoof be the same? Do people really want individualized news, or do they want to know what everyone else knows too? How tailored will the news be? What sources will they use?