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ThisMoment.comA service which has just premiered, ThisMoment lets anybody preserve his valuable memories by combining photographs and videos along with words in what the site terms “a beautiful multimedia canvas”. When capturing the “moment” itself you are likewise asked to supply a few adjectives describing the way that moment made you feel.


These tags are then employed in order to make browsing the available moments a more concise task – if you are looking for something uplifting you will be able to find it more easily through this functionality, and the same applies if you are looking for something funny or touching.

This service is provided at no cost, and you can create an account in a just a couple of minutes. Alternatively, you can sign up using your Facebook account. That makes absolute sense – a site meant for social interaction could not even think about bypassing the largest network in the world today.

An interesting feature (and a very wise move towards monetizing the site) is that companies can come up with their very own branded moment templates, and these can be adopted by users. In Their Own Words

“Save and share life’s moments. Combine words, photos and videos on a beautiful multi-media canvas.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It gives individuals an online time capsule that can be used at no cost, and companies a platform for offering their customers a more realized social experience.

Some Questions About

What companies are already using ThisMoment?

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