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ThisJustIn.comAre you looking for the latest entertainment news? Would you like to watch videos online? If so, you need to visit this site. gives you a lot of interesting information, including funny headlines, music videos and many other entertainment media content supported by AOL and HBO.


In case you want to find funny blog articles and entertainment news, this site could be of your interest. is a blog you can visit to read the latest news written in a funny style. You can watch online videos, in addition to great video clips and other online programming. Besides, you can use the search engine to find the articles posted on This Just In.

Remember, next time you want to take a look at the latest news from a funny point of view, enter Browse through the site sections to find viral videos and other funny entertainment media. What is more, you can subscribe to their RSS feeding to stay updated. In Their Own Words

\”Welcome to This Just In, a joint venture between Time Warner divisions AOL and HBO that puts the \”er\” in \”synergy.\” When the news breaks, This Just In will be there to pick up the pieces. Every day of the week, our team gets the story and gets it out there. Sometimes, we even get it right.\”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This Just In targets a sizeable audience of video lovers. Online videos present an attractive growing market. People love watching videos and having fun with this type of sites. This news-satire blog offers visitors great funny videos and it’s easy to browse through it.

Some Questions About

Online comedy is a competitive space. How they will be able to compete with so many interesting properties offering truly funny content? Will it generate enough traffic to keep it going?

Author : Bill Webb

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