– Jam A Little Or A Lot

ThisIsMyJam.comDon Mclean sang about the day the music died, miss American Pie and good ole days. Then along came Sonny and Cher singing about love, Abba danced a disco fever while White Snake and Motley Crew followed, giving hair a new meaning.

And then came Nirvana and Chumbawumba who made flannel and drinking popular, respectively. Nowadays, we’ve got Wolf Parade, Justice and 50 cent singing songs about everything from hungry ghosts to getting rich and/ or dying. The best part of all this, no the music hasn’t died, the message may have changed, but the music hasn’t stopped. And it won’t. At least not with This Is My Jam, a new mashup site designed for you to create your own list of jams. This Is My Jam is a simple site. Just search for tunes you like. Drag the cover into the handy white box, then let ‘em make a mix for you. Just put in your email and a slideshow of disc covers with a selection of tunes rolls by for your enjoyment. It’s free to use so go ahead, go crazy. In Their Own Words

“This site lets you make mini mixes to share with people. We initially envisioned it as a place where you update your “jam” whenever you get a new one. Your “jam” is the tracks that move you at any particular time for whatever reason. If you start liking other peoples jams, you can add them as friends or subscribe to their jams as podcasts or RSS. You can post your jam to your blog or social networking site or whatever you want.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site’s still in beta, but it’s a nice way to share snippets of your favorite tunes with friends, family and perfect strangers. It’s super easy to use and has a decent selection of music so far.

Some Questions About

Will users like the idea of listening only to little bits and pieces of their favorite tunes? Will they be disappointed that not more is offered? Will they have a more intuitive search with more music selection?