This Week’s Best In Beta: Scrooge – Get Miserly About Automatic Subscription Payments

This Week’s Best In Beta

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Automatic billing is so convenient, a blessing for those services you plan to use until the end of time without making any changes. On the other hand, when you’re testing subscriptions out, they can be a money snatcher.


I could of sworn I’d set a calendar reminder. I stopped using the service and just forgot that I would owe money – you know how it goes. Lured by free trial periods, it’s so easy to test out online subscriptions. Aaaand nearly impossible to manage them and avoid making unnecessary payments.


This is where Scrooge comes in. Scrooge is an app for managing all of your subscription services in one place, and for keeping payments visible so that you never pay again for what you no longer want.


Scrooge maintains a simple list of your subscription services, which can be entered either by a quick search of popular services or manually. The app also shows you when payments are due and lets you create reminders.


Notifications before you pay not only remind you of when you’re making payments but of how much and how often. Another feature of the alerts – which might seem extremely obvious but probably proves to be a heroic money saver – is that a link to the service is included. How often do you think to yourself: I’m gonna opt out of X service later, but never get around to it?


All the time, right? We forget, we get distracted, we’re lazy and can’t be troubled with another handful of clicks… Ding. Then those emails appear saying that you’ve been charged again.


Scrooge also helps corral subscriptions by making itself available as a web and mobile app, a chrome extension, or via email forwarding – so, wherever you sign up for a subscription, it’s easy to put it on the Scrooge radar. New subscriptions stay in view right from the beginning, which so often is the only hope of remembering them at all.


Request early access at, and save yourself a load of time and money.


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