This Week’s Best In Beta: Saverize Keeps Those Recurring Payments We Always Forget Out Of Our Lives For Good

This Week’s Best In Beta

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Most everyone I know tries hard to save money these days, and struggles to do so. How does this happen, when we’re so focused on tightening our belts? A startup I’m going to share with you today, Saverize, has singled out a problem that creates a pesky leak in our finances and gives us back control over funds draining away.


The problem: recurring online payments. So convenient and easy to set up, so difficult to remember and turn off before getting dinged with charges again.


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Right? Happens to all of us. Just last week I signed up for Angie’s List to find a service provider when none of my go-to sources of free information we’re coming up with the goods. I told myself to cancel the account immediately, because I knew I wouldn’t be using the site again anytime soon. Did I follow through?


Of course not. I got distracted and didn’t take care of it. And I’m sure that I’ll only think about the account again when I’m notified of the next payment, at which time I’ll think oh well, I’m already paying for the month. I’ll stop payments closer to the next deadline. Which will never happen. The fee in this case was under five dollars. Repeat the scenario with just a few services, and the needless expenses begin to add up fast. Real fast.


Saverize helps us to see all of our recurring payments in one place. It shows who we’re paying, how much, the dates of upcoming payments, and gives users the opportunity to manage multiple payments from the same location.


Simple visibility goes a long way toward stopping the bleeding. Notifications also provide warning for us procrastinators to nix the accounts we no longer need before paying again. (This will be the year I finally cancel that credit card I never use and end up paying for once a year!) Saverize empowers us to escape such silly cycles we let ourselves become trapped in.


It’s so frustrating when you think you’re budgeting responsibly and then a payment you’ve forgotten about screws with your program. Saverize is a straightforward tool to cut the tie with deadweight subscriptions and unused services. See the culprits, don’t lose sight of the culprits, and easily cancel billings before more damage is done. Smart, smart, smart.


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