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This Week’s Best In Beta: Reelgood – A Movie Watchlist As Good As Buttered Popcorn

This Week’s Best In Beta

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Like many friends and family members I’ve spoken with recently, the holiday season left me exhausted. Often, during hectic “time off,” I found myself wishing that I could escape and watch a movie. Between parties and gatherings and taking care of the family, even finding something to watch, however – when a rare window of opportunity did open – proved too challenging.


I know, there are worse problems to have. Nonetheless, watching a good movie should be an easy thing to do, not another headache caused by a million questions: “What should we watch? Where is it playing? Where can I rent it? Is it streaming? What was that movie Julie was talking about the other day?”


See what I mean? Not so simple to plop down and watch a movie you’re certain to enjoy – and who wants to watch something disappointing when time is so precious?


Reelgood: it’s a real good answer to movie-watching woes.


Reelgood (available for download in the App Store) shows the movies your friends are into and keeps track of everything you want to see. No more trying to remember what it is that you wanted to see or what comes highly recommended, which seldom works.


Better yet, Reelgood shows you where you can find a movie, either in the theater or via streaming service. This tool cuts down on a shameful amount of time that usually gets spent trying to track down a movie.


Netflix is a great service, but one that works best when you show up with a plan rather than go fishing for movie. I don’t know about you, but several times I’ve had my dear film time disappear while looking for a movie and trying to agree upon one with present company. So frustrating, right?


Put the pleasure back into seeing a good flick. Check out Reelgood at


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Author : Keith Liles

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