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This Week’s Best In Beta

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It’s happening. I’m beginning to write more and more about parenting, because, well, I’m a parent. I probably swore I wouldn’t write about parenting so much, but that would have been before learning firsthand just how much parents need help – all the time.


Qeepsake is a really smart tool for parents, for storing great memories as they’re made.


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First, it texts you a message daily to prod you into putting things down about your child. It also lets you essentially keep a text journal, writing down funny quotes, things that happen, milestones passed, etc.


Why is it so smart? Well, your memory goes to hell when you become a parent (I can only remember to share this with you because I was telling someone about this two seconds ago.) You think you’ll remember all the precious firsts and exactly when things took place, and you’ll be fooling yourself. Qeepsake will keep things straight for you. All you have to do is text Qeepsake.


The funny thing about not knowing when anything happens or having no solid record of your child’s development is that you’re likely documenting everything – sending pictures here and there, texting with friends and family (guess what happened today, look what he’s doing…) Instead of using a zillion apps to do so with a zillion different people, Qeepsake gives you one place to record and share those daily joyful moments, AND have a coherent record to pass along.


Another reason Qeepsake is great is that parents are always short – on time, on help, on energy. Texting is still easy and fast enough to manage, however, so it’s the ideal tool for creating a baby book in today’s hectic, digital age.


I have never been good with numbers. People ask me things like the price of gasoline or a gallon of milk, and I have no idea. Then I get looks as if I’m from another planet. Well, I can tell you that I’ve already forgotten the exact time of my child’s birth and his measurements, though it was only ten months ago. How could…? Gimmie a break. I remember the moment he arrived vividly – what he looked like when I first saw him, his purplish color unlike anything I’ve ever seen elsewhere…


I remember, but can’t keep those small details – especially numeric details – straight. And I don’t have time to write everything down (even though I’m a writer and tend to write down everything! at least before I became a parent). I will turn to Qeepsake as my lifesaver, my timeline and backup memory, so I’m never made to feel again like an uncaring parent when blanking on those typical questions.


If you want to capture all those milestone moments via texts, push the stroller on over to


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