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This Week’s Best In Beta: Master Your Job Search By Tracking Resumes With Presumi

This Week’s Best In Beta

Which startup is going to be the next big thing? Investors, bloggers, job seekers, and inspiring entrepreneurs everywhere are dying to know. Hundreds of startups enter private beta each month, and that’s far too many for any one person to keep up with. Fret not! Each week, I share some of the hottest new startups in this column, Best In Beta. Let’s discover the next big thing together!



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I have always held that looking for work is like having work without pay. The process is dreary, dispiriting, and tedious beyond what any human should be made to endure.


Formatting and reformatting résumés. Tailoring cover letter after cover letter. Uploading here, manually entering there. Searching and applying and searching and applying… It’s enough to make a person stay in an unfulfilling position rather than embark on such an arduous journey.


OK, so that’s laying the awfulness on thick, which is just a way to help us all appreciate Presumi a little more.


Presumi “is a career management suite that helps professionals and job seekers manage their careers.” They make your résumé a much better tool for you when you’re looking for work. They track when it’s been opened or untouched, which links have been opened – they give you résumé analytics so that you can adjust accordingly and make your résumé more effective.


There’s nothing worse than filling out an application and then hearing nothing back – not knowing whether it’s your résumé or timing or some other factor beyond (or not beyond) your control. Presumi at least empowers the job seeker to feel like he or she will not wind up suspended in limbo after firing an application off.


The startup also makes it easier to track all the applications that you have in circulation and keep tabs on the status of each one. All too often, one application blurs into the next; not to mention, there’s enough torture to go around without spreadsheets added to the mix. Presumi lets you see quickly what you’ve sent, what’s been opened, where you’ve interviewed, who’s due an email, etc.


Presumi also helps you send trackable emails and keep up on deadlines with calendars and reminders. It bears repeating – looking for a job is a job. Presumi gives job seekers the same tools that businesses use to generate leads and operate more efficiently, adjusted for the job applying process.


Presumi is free to use for up to three concurrent applications, so it’s really a no brainer to see what it can do for you. There are also paid plans for handling a greater application load with additional features, which still come in at only $4-$8 per month – a small price to pay for landing a dream job through more concentrated, less laborious effort.


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