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This Week’s Best In Beta: How Much Is The Optimal Location On Your Homescreen Worth To Developers?

This Week’s Best In Beta

Which startup is going to be the next big thing? Investors, bloggers, job seekers, and inspiring entrepreneurs everywhere are dying to know. Hundreds of startups enter private beta each month, and that’s far too many for any one person to keep up with. Fret not! Each week, I share some of the hottest new startups in this column, Best In Beta. Let’s discover the next big thing together!



I’ll spare data-gatherers some research and share how I choose where to place apps on my smartphone – I do my best to avoid having two app buttons with the same color from appearing side by side. Real sophisticated, huh?


Admittedly, this system doesn’t prevent a lots of apps from quickly becoming neglected. I bring all of this up not to depress developers — who already have their work cut out for them, big time, trying to get their apps seen and used — but to give developers hope. Yes, hope. Instead of killing yourself trying to make sense of your users’ habits, why not give them a little reason to show your app more deserved attention?


What am I talking about? PriorityKit is a tool that lets developers place their app “where it matters most” by purchasing the optimal location for their app on the user’s homescreen. For agreeing to grant PriorityKit apps privileged space, app users can score priority perks.


prioritykit landing


I’m ordinarily leery of letting anyone track my behavior, but I’m not so bothered by sharing app location on my phone. If someone wants to pay money to bump their app up a row and reward me for letting this happen, I’m ok with that.


For app developers, however, the stakes are huge. Heightened visibility, more consistent use, adjusting for changing behavior over time – each of these factors plays a big role in sustaining a measurable pulse.


PriorityKit does the legwork for developers, analyzing user’s behavior on the homescreen and determining the most advantageous location for the app. If two apps with PriorityKit would benefit most from the same spot, bidding determines the winner. Smartphone owners are free to decide the position of apps not belonging to PriorityKit, and can uninstall PriorityKit apps at anytime.


It’s a strategic arrangement for everyone, to say the least. Users consent to confer primo real estate on their screen for perks, developers pay for the space that will keep them in business, and PriorityKit earns money for doing their part. Perhaps not wildly inventive, PriorityKit does give developers a diplomatic way to ensure that their apps will be used more often. Smart.


Have a closer look and sign up for early access at


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