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This Week’s Best In Beta: Fun & Games – and Funding!

This Week’s Best In Beta

Which startup is going to be the next big thing? Investors, bloggers, job seekers, and inspiring entrepreneurs everywhere are dying to know. Hundreds of startups enter private beta each month, and that’s far too many for any one person to keep up with. Fret not! Each week, I share some of the hottest new startups in this column, Best In Beta. Let’s discover the next big thing together!



OK, this is good. I think I’m in the clear. Like the reformed smoker who can finally attend an outdoor party without feeling the slightest temptation to take a drag, I believe I’m at the point where I can safely write about gaming without the urge to pick up a controller.


Not to confuse gaming with a harmful habit – nothing but respect and awe and envy for those that play games online. I’ve just got to be honest with myself. If I want to take care of my family and be a productive writer, I know I can’t go anywhere near the action….


Which happily doesn’t inhibit me from giving props to startups doing great things in the gaming world, especially when they score funding for their efforts.


Ergo, launched in beta a little over a year ago. It’s a social platform for the gaming community. Members set up a landing page/ bio where they can aggregate their social media feeds. This gives everyone a space to show off their skills and game preferences, form groups, connect to play games, and keep up on all their favorite players and news.






Open to casual and pro players alike, game creators, or pretty much anyone with an interest in the gaming community, has already built up a solid user base of 35,000 people.


Plans to take the platform to mobile helped the young company to recently win the inaugural “You Dream It, We Build It” competition, which comes with a $50,000 investment. Mobile + social + passionate and highly engaged community. Hot, hot, hot. Easy to understand why Ice House, sponsor of the contest, would peg to be the next big thing in the gaming industry.


The competition, by the way, is open to companies of all sizes that are working on any kind of app. If you can distill your idea into 4 sentences or less, you’re qualified to enter – which makes submitting an incredibly low-effort process for such an amazing opportunity. (Hello, jump at the next chance to have your creation built!)






Teams will need to have their act together before participating. As a sponsor of the Launch Festival in San Francisco, Ice House knows how to back true winners. Congratulations again,!


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Author : Keith Liles

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