This Week’s Best In Beta: Blasty Boots Illegal Content From Google Search Results

This Week’s Best In Beta

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As a content writer, coming across Blasty made my day.


Content theft is rampant online. I mean, sharing is great, but jeez, just throwing up some one else’s work on your site without so much as giving credit. C’mon. That’s inexcusable. It’s downright theft.


Blasty landing


I would be in deep mourning this week over Grooveshark (it was the only streaming service available where I’m at) if not for the fact that they didn’t compensate artists for their work, which made it easy to say goodbye. The end result was justice – try to profit off someone else’s work without proper permission or compensation, and you should go out of business.


I’m not going to hold my breath for legal aid on behalf of your average content creator, and, thanks to Blasty, I don’t need to wait.


Blasty lets content owners find unauthorized copies of their work and blast illegal search results into the oblivion. Okay, maybe they just disappear, but I like the short and decisive name of this startup, and I would like to imagine their swift and useful service doing its job in dramatic fashion. And since ski masks and baseball bats or extraordinary rendition aren’t my style, let me have my moment…


It’s quite shocking the first time you use Google to discover how frequently your own work shows up where it has no business being. Unlicensed use of your content, plagiarism, illegal streaming, illegal downloads… Out of control. Whatever gave site owners the idea that, if a headline is translated into a language other than English, it’s okay to print work in its entirety as if it’s yours… Let’s just say that all this needs to stop.


With Blasty, it doesn’t matter if you’re a blogger, writer, musician, photographer, designer, etc. – one click, and goodbye. Blasty will remove illegal copies from Google search results. Fast and easy. And satisfying.


It would be great if content theft had it’s own Simon Wiesenthal, hunting down perpetrators and bringing them to trial. It would take more than a few of him to keep up with illegal activity. The reality is that each owner is the best candidate for spotting misuse and since most creators don’t have a legal team or the time to deal with misfits,  Blasty gives them an effective tool to discourage stealing.


Notice served. Misuse content that doesn’t belong to you, and we’re going to wipe you out. Without visibility on Google, you can forget about traffic to your sites. Keep up the good work, Blasty. Let’s erase the thieves. Request free beta access at


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