This Week’s Best In Beta: Agora Ends Ludicrous, Cloud Service Juggling

This Week’s Best In Beta

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In the seven months since I turned papa, I have taken and shared way more – way more – photos than I ever have at any point during the rest of my life. To which I say: Thank God and F!*#& you, cloud storage!


Mom knows how to use Dropbox, so I need to put pictures there for her. Dad and brother prefer Google Drive, so I end up loading the same photos there for them. All the while, waves and waves of new pics coming in from cameras, email attachments, Whats App on mobile devices keep rolling in… For someone who likes things tidy and to avoid unnecessary redundant tasks, sharing has become a complete nightmare.


That’s a rotten situation with just a couple family members in the mix. Add a few remote work teams working across different platforms, each toggling between the likes of Drive, Box, and Dropbox, and coordinating anything becomes laughably, tearfully complicated.


So much for collaborating, right?


Time for a deep breath of relief. Agora has a simple, beautiful solution for the mess that file sharing has become. It lets you manage all of your files online in one place. What’s more, Agora has figured out how to make those big three cloud services just mentioned universal, which means…


…you can edit and collaborate on the same file even when people are using different tools! So what if it’s a Wednesday – break out the champagne. This deserves celebration.


agora landing


No more bouncing back and forth between services. No more wrestling with links and copies, trying to manipulate data to work with different applications on different devices. Work as you like, share as you like, collaborate in real time as you like, from wherever you are. Now that is streamlined convenience.


I don’t know about you, but I spend way too much time trying to track down files simply because there are so many scattered all over the place. A single place to find what I need without having to open multiple applications would go along way toward ending chaos. The ability to actually work with files however I need once I’m there, would make life so much better. I’m ready to laugh and cry again, out of joy rather than frustration.


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