This Startup Is Ready To Change The Music Industry

It’s news to no one that the music industry is in serious flux right now. The record label model is dying, streaming is in, and physical copies of music are waaaaay out. There are so many ways now for artists to get their music to the masses, but most places are still struggling with how to make sure they’re paid for their work.


Soound is one site that’s trying to make sure that artists get paid work and that customers of all kinds get what they need.


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The site is a music crowdsourcing platform for the entertainment industry. People looking for a certain type of sound – whether it’s for a commercial, a soundtrack, or a song – can go to Soound, set the budget and due date. Once that’s up, producers and musicians submit their rendition of what’s being asked for in the project. The project owner then listens to them all and selects the one they like the best – paying the winning producer the budgeted amount on the project.


Bonus: It’s free to post a project, although Soound does collect credit card info but doesn’t charge it.


“ is a game changer, we are breaking down the walls of the music studio and democratizing the creative process,” says founder Cardin Cambell. “We are the Uber of music creation. Just imagine what you want from a creative perspective, post it, set a budget then sit back and receive tons of submissions from all over the world!”


The site just launched last week and so far has a few projects going, some looking for musicians, some for specific tracks, and one for a commercial. With their recent feature on Product Hunt last weekend that gave their signups a major boost, the site should be seeing an uptick in both artists and people looking to hire them.


Soound is also looking to expand their team, so if you’re interested in helping Cardin shape the future of the music industry, head over to their site and apply to work with them – or set up a project of your own.


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