This Free Lunch Will Be The Most Informative You’ve Ever Eaten

Today’s Killer Startup: Lunchcruit


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Elevator Pitch:

Lunchcruit connects talented people with awesome companies for a free (not recruiting!) lunch.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

Um, this one is easy: Free lunch.


Done and done.


Just kidding! As much as I love free food and will always share any freebie options I find with you, readers, Lunchcruit is great not just because of the free lunch. In fact, for the people that it’s the greatest for, the free lunch probably isn’t even necessary.


That’s because Lunchcruit is for talented individuals who are interested in learning more about cool companies and maybe (just maybe) working for them at some point. The site stresses that the meetings are not recruitment lunches but rather a way for people to learn more about the company and for the company to learn more about them.


Think of them like those alumni interviews some colleges offer. It’s not going to necessarily get you in but it sure as hell doesn’t hurt your chances.
It’s also a chance for companies – like, say, rapidly growing startups – to convince top talent that they want to abscond from their comfy corporate jobs and join a young, cool work environment.


At the moment, all of the jobs that you can check out on the Lunchcruit site are tech-related (developers, product managers, marketing, etc.) which probably is a reflection of the fact that Lunchcruit is based out of San Francisco. Most of the available lunches so far seem to be in that area too. That’s common for startups: start in SF and work your way out to the rest of the “real world.”


If you’re based in NorCal and interested in getting lunch with someone from one of your favorite companies, head over and sign up. And if you want to bring Lunchcruit to your city, they have a “Request A City” option, just for you.



Free lunch! Free lunch! (And maybe a job?) Find out more about your favorite companies with @lunchcruit


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