– A New Way To Buy Images

ThinkstockPhotos.comThinkstock is a subscription service that gives users the chance to have ready access to stock photography in a cost-effective way. A clear emphasis is placed on providing users with value for money.

To give you an idea of the quality of the meda that can be procured through Thinkstock, these include images that are found within GettyImages, iStockPhoto, PunchStock and Jupiterimages to name a few. And image categories are as wide-ranging as you can imagine – some of the featured ones include “Animals”, People & Lifestyle”, “Business” and “Nature”.

There are three plans for the user to choose from, and they amount to weekly, monthly and yearly subscriptions. Multiple payment methods are likewise supported.

Subscriptions are easily purchased through the site, and you can also buy additional seat licenses in order to let others maximize the one you have bought. This will be particularly useful for individuals that work in the same organization, as the one buying the subscription becomes a kind of administrator that grants access to the rest of the team (he is the only one who can buy additional seats). In Their Own Words

“Welcome to a whole new kind of image subscription.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will give anybody access to first-rate media at a more than convenient price.

Some Questions About

What are the legal limitations that apply to the usage of the images that can you buy here?