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ThinkNear.comThinkNear is a new platform that lets merchants turn mobile ads into nothing short of targeted daily deals that are served to people located nearby, and at these times they would be better-received at that. When using ThinkNear merchants can have ads spit out to people close to their stores, and who will see the offers as regular banners on their mobile phones.

And not only can merchants advertise their wares and services to people who are close, they can actually have ads delivered at these times in which things traditionally go slow. ThinkNear lets them specify these times in which they always have difficulty making sales, and reach out to customers right there and then. And ThinkNear can also look at contextual data in order to determine when it’s the best time to have offers delivered (IE, the time when the store is not busy at all). There’s no doubt in anybody’s mind that such is the main selling point of the service, along with how easily it can be implemented. As a matter of fact, customers are not even needed to download anything – they will see the mobile banners whenever they have moved into the prerequisite range.

ThinkNear has just launched its public beta, and (for now) the company is focusing on the city of New York. Some of its earliest adopters include restaurants, hair salons and spas. And the fact ThinkNear involves little staff training to be implemented can but help it be assimilated even quicker – all that customers have to do is show their unique voucher codes to store employers for them to be redeemed. In Their Own Words

Smart marketing! Customers when you need them most!

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In which other industries could this be applied? Which other cities are meant to be supported in due time?