– gOs – gPc’s Operating System

Thinkgos.comgOs is the new Linux-based platform that is currently becoming well-known for being the operating system for the new gPC (you know, the one that’s apparently only going to cost $200). gOs is still heavy into the development and testing stages, but as of now the system is designed specifically to run Google apps like GMail and Google Maps.

The interface is clean and intuitive and features the logical Google icons complete with the corresponding functionality (clicking on the Google Maps icon, for instance, brings you straight there). Look for the new gPc in Wal Marts across the country to check out the functionally of this new operating system, or visit the site (though there’s limited information). In Their Own Words

“An alternative operating system for the masses
Our idea is to be a simple, user friendly, beautiful desktop for normal people”.

Why It Might Be A Killer

gOs takes advantage of the popularity of Google and all its applications; it could prove to be a genius way to market their service and derive a profit. Most internet users will be comfortable with the interface; basically, if you’ve ever used Google, don’t be frightened away by the Linux tag; gOs’s interface looks more like the Google homepage than anything else.

Some Questions About

As gOs has only been very recently launched together with the gPc, there many questions as to what might prove to be an obstacle to its success. If the gPc doesn’t sell, will gOs market itself to other developers? Who will they partner with? How will they fill holes that Google Apps leave empty?