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Thinfi.comThinfi is a URL shortening tool. This tool allows users to convert a long URL to a new short and sweet web address.


The new web address directs users to the exact same website as the original one. The only change is that the new URL provided is easier to type, read, and remember. Thinfi offers an additional feature, which is the ability for users to add password protection to all of their links. Furthermore, users also have the capability of converting International Domain Names. These additional further steps give users more flexibility and more options when manipulating and converting their new and improved URL addresss. In Their Own Words

“With thinfi you can convert a long tricky url into a short and simple one. You may be aware of the existence of several similar sites and therefore I have created something new. With thinfi you can convert Internationalized Domain Names and also add password protection to all your links.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Thinfi is a plain and simple tool. It also offers the password protection feature, which other URL shorteners do not. However, the website itself does not stand out.

Some Questions About

What additional features could be added to diversify this tool? Should any information or graphics be added to help the site stand out against other similar tools? Could any formed partnerships broaden Thinfi’s reach?

Author : Bill Webb

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