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TheyDrawAndCook.comRecipe sites are ten-a-penny, and for most people the one they end up using is an entirely subjective matter. They have mostly the same content, and present it in an identical way. Yet, there are sites that are slowly trying to break from the mould. And TheyDrawAndCook is one such site.

TheyDrawAndCook takes a more pictorial approach than competing sites by illustrating all the featured recipes in lots of different ways. Cartoons and infographic-styled images are the ones featured more recurrently throughout the site, and this means that both adults and children will get something from

These illustrated recipes actually come from users of the site, so those among you who have the time and the will to contribute their own drawings to can do it right away. The time, the will and also the culinary knowledge, of course. The best recipes might even make it into the printed books published by the company with these dishes that people search and use more actively. In Their Own Words

Recipes illustrated by artists from around the world.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a different way to approach the sharing and spreading of online recipes, and just like any site taking a pictorial approach it can interest the average Internet user far more.

Some Questions About

How many recipes are already featured on the TheyDrawAndCook database?