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TheUntappedSource.comIf you’re looking to support or purchase underground artwork, check out The Untapped Source. The spectacularly designed art website is devoted to promoting and selling works by lesser-known artists to a community of those who appreciate the unappreciated.

The site currently features two categories of modern art; digital and photography. To begin navigating the site, click on one of the two categories displayed on the site’s home page. You can browse through the two galleries, or you can also search by artist or studio/group name. Each artists has the own personal biography on the site, which tells you where they’re from and how they got into art. When you see something you like, the site will create a reprint for you (several sizes and framing options available) and have it sent to your residence. In Their Own Words

“The Untapped Source is an art gallery specifically created for artists and those who love great art; for those who want unique, original, art. We showcase the work of up and coming artists who are looking not only to display their art, but also make it available in reproduction form via high quality prints and oil reproductions”.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Everything about this site is beautiful, from the breathtaking interface to the quality of the art showcased. The site is smoothly navigable and not only provides information about artwork, but also about the artists themselves, which lends credibility to The Untapped Source’s promise of putting the artist first. Print prices are extremely affordable, and represent the huge variety of artwork that The Untapped Source has to offer.

Some Questions About

How long with the Untapped Source remain untapped? Once the site gets some more publicity, will it be forced to include more mainstream art and more well-known artists, or will it retain its commitment to underrepresented artists? Do they plan on including any other types of artwork besides digital and photography?