– Venture Capitalists Vent is a community for venture capitalists where they can discuss and rate startup companies.

TheUnFunded was inspired and created in part due to the community TheFunded where entrepreneurs could vent and discuss venture capitalists. TheUnFunded is a bit of the same, the site discusses startup companies and is far from generous with the company ratings. The companies are rated on five factors” the strength of the team, operating experience, market opportunity, pitching effectiveness, and competitive differentiation. The highest score for each category is five and the ratings posted on the site and visible to visitors show that most companies have scores under 2. Besides the ratings users can comment and express their opinions of the startup company and choose to agree or disagree with other users. You can search for companies by region and add a company to be evaluated. Users must be venture capitalists to join the community. It seems as though there is a great deal of bashing in the community. TheUnFunded is a place where venture capitalists can vent. In Their Own Words

“I admit it. I am jealous.
After seeing the sense of community and camaraderie that has created for entrepreneurs, I knew that I had to try to replicate it for my fellow venture capitalists. After reading such insightful reviews of my peer VC’s — where they have been called “nutcases,” “stupid” and “rude and arrogant”– I knew I needed to create a venue for VC’s to provide equally insightful analysis on entrepreneurs .
Venture capitalists see thousands of pitches a year. And while we’ve “compared notes” and collaborated amongst ourselves informally before, was built to help break down the barriers.

Why It Might Be A Killer

TheUnFunded has an attractive interface and the site is easy to navigate. The location search filters are useful for users who are looking for a specific company. It is good to have a breakdown of the rating system so that users can see exactly how others are calculating the final score or each startup company.

Some Questions About

It seems as though this site may just be for venting and not have any constructive value. Although users can have an anonymous identity venting may be best done in private.