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TheTwitterToolbar.comA resource that goes by an unequivocal name, The Twitter Toolbar aims to brings a wide set of functionalities into the life of any Twitter user. Basically, it will let any such individual add a toolbar which gives access to search engines such as Twellow, Twictionary and Twitter Search as well as the ability to post updates instantly.


It also links to the Twitter homepage and the Twitdom application database.

This toolbar is available to users of every major operating system in existence, and it can be procured at no cost. Installing it is equally painless, so that if you want to see how this solution can fire up the way you tweet and relate to Twitter, there is nothing that will keep you from chirping away.

It must be said that the project as a whole is very interesting, and it will be worth keeping an eye out on the way it shapes on from here on (IE, which services are supported next and which functionalities are added). Needless to say, if you have a soft spot for Twitter a visit to this site is more or less of a necessity. In Their Own Words

“This handy and easy to use short cut/quicklinks toolbar brings Twitter so close that it is only one click away. You’ll have access to a large variety of highly requested tools & resources. And – just as important – the Twitter Toolbar is absolutely FREE to use!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It makes tweeting a much smoother and elastic task by providing ready access to services that every twitterer is know to hit often.

Some Questions About

What services or functionalities are underrepresented, and should be accounted for as soon as possible?

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