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ThestrEATS.comGourmet food trucks are growing in popularity by the hour, and that makes too much sense when one thinks it over – they offer a cheap and tasteful chance to grab a bite to eat when one is out and about. And it was about time someone came up with a site like ThestrEATS, really – a site that offers centralized and up-to-date information on food trucks where you live.

On you are presented with a big map on which the location of food trucks is clearly plotted. Each truck is assigned a letter, you are provided with its exact location at that moment in time, and you also get to read its latest tweets. This means that the site makes it very easy to know about specials and promotions, as well as the future locations that the truck will be at shortly.

Right now, ThestrEATS covers only DC and Arlington. But support for other cities is imminent, so stay tuned for the latest updates. In Their Own Words

Food truck tracker and locator.

Why It Might Be A Killer

ThestrEATS makes for finding something to eat when you are out in the city, and you are not really sure where to head to.

Some Questions About

Which cities will be supported next? Which ones would make more business sense?

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