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TheStartupBus.comThe Startup Bus is the kind of initiative that will be naturally funny and challenging to some, and quite pointless to others. You see, the basic premise is that of having 12 people board a bus in San Francisco and drive them all the way to Austin.


In the 48 hours that will intervene, they are meant to have come up with 3 startups. They are not going to be alone on the bus – the remaining seats will be taken by industry gurus and thinkers. Or that is the idea, at least.

The word that best sums this up is “experiment”. Nobody would argue that such a context is not the best one for getting creative. I mean, there is no respite. If you are at home you can take as many breaks as you want and go smoke a cigarette, walk the dog, play your electric guitar… you can break up the monotony, something that you can’t do if you are stuck in a bus

When all is said and done, I seem to think a site like this one tries to highlight the malleability of creative minds with some mixed results. Something good might come out this or not. But I just don’t think I will be holding my breath. In Their Own Words

“12 strangers will board a bus in San Francisco. At 60 miles an hour and over 48 hours, they will conceive, build and launch 3 tech startups in time for a SXSW party in Austin.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is interesting from a conceptual point of view. Now, let’s see if the results are equally compelling.

Some Questions About

Has this ever been tried before?

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