TheSquareFoot Solved Everything You Hate About Real Estate Brokers


Today’s Killer Startup: TheSquareFoot



Elevator Pitch:

TheSquareFoot is a commission-free broker that utilizes technology to help businesses (and startups!) find great office spaces.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

Obviously it’s awesome when your startup starts to grow and you’ve suddenly gone from five team members to fifty, in the space of half a year. What’s not so awesome? Finding the space to accommodate all of your new employees. And if you live in one of the major startup hubs — like, say New York or San Francisco — the process of finding the perfect space to house your minions becomes even more frustrating.


Do you go with a broker and end up paying exorbitant fees?? Try to make it on your own? Hit up Craigslist? None of those options are great, so I’d like to recommend that instead you check out TheSquareFoot.


TheSquareFoot is a commission-free broker site that helps companies find the perfect office space. Because all of their brokers are salaried, you don’t have to worry about them trying to up-sell you or hustle you. You can also rest assured that they’re spending all of their time searching for office spaces and not hustling up new clients, all of which are awesome changes from how the broker system usually works.


To start the process, head over to their site and browse the spaces that they currently have available. If one catches your eye, hit them up for help. They’ll connect you with a broker who will work with you throughout the entire process, from touring spaces to answering all of your questions to fighting on your site during the leasing process. They’ll even help you get settled once you’ve signed the lease, connecting you with everything from great interior designers to the best shop to buy your office coffeemaker.


Oh, and by the way? It’s totally free for you. TheSquareFoot makes their money by charging the landlords that list with them, not you, the potential renter.


It sounds to me like TheSquareFoot has figured out all of the things that suck about working with a broker and fixed them. If you’re looking for a new office space in one of the cities they’re currently available in, don’t go with anyone else.



Has your #startup outgrown your current office space? @TheSqFt will find you a new home, for free.


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