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TheSpidersWebb.comIf you’re all about the latest and most innovative ideas on the web, as I have no doubt you are, you’ll probably be interested in the SpidersWebb, a brand new start-up which gives you the chance not only to peruse through novel ideas, but also to pitch your own. Members can vote, describe, comment, bid, and market all their brilliant ideas within Spider’s interface.

SpidersWeb aims to be a perfect breeding ground for the growth and development of ideas; the community style nature of the site makes it ideal for sharing and encouraging idea makers, while also providing a primed audience for marketing and getting investors to take notice. The ultimate goal is of course to attract investors into a bidding war–once all the votes are tallied, the idea follows that venture capitalists and the like will be stepping over each other to get a piece of the action. In Their Own Words

“the Spiders Webb is a new idea based web site whereby people pitch ideas, people vote on ideas, and people bid on ideas.
There are thousands of ideas people come up with that never get noticed, or that dont get funding. the Spiders Webb will give you an opportunity to display you ideas free of charge, form a communuity; whereby everybody can advise you on your idea – maybe to make it better or just helpful tips. With thousands of investors hitting the site, they will get an opportunity to see who out there has the next big ideas. Based on the highest votes the investors start bidding and batteling for the chunk of the pie.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Sounds like a good idea. They’ve got a clean, fresh looking UI, and attractive iconography. The big trend of course is detecting the next killer so to speak. Sites like this have great potential. It would make for an ideal place for people to freely pitch and develop their ideas, without having to pay a cent for feedback, marketing tools, etc.

Some Questions About

This site depends entirely on traffic—it’s got to reach a critical mass before anything can really happen. Will it be able to coax idea makers out to share their brilliant gems? Is there any check involved to avoid idea theft?