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Thespacelink.comThespacelink is an online portal where people looking to sell their property can post it for free and those looking to buy it can do so at no cost. With both residential and commercial listings, Thespacelink looks to revolutionize the way that people buy, sell and rent real estate.

While individuals can search the database and buy without any commissions, Thespacelink also puts a variety of tools in the hands of agents looking to increase their bottom line. An agent can use the site to find properties and negotiate commissions directly with owners through an interesting “deal points” page. Since there is generally no seller’s agent, commissions are lower and agent, buyer, and seller all benefit. In Their Own Words

“ is an online community for buyers, sellers, real estate agents, and building management. We started for one reason: to revolutionize the real estate industry and adapt to its changes. We know the only way in doing so is to involve everyone so we encourage you to interact and post listings on our site. With numerous features designed to help you make the deal, this is the real estate website for you. Being free doesn’t hurt either so register, post, and help us rethink real estate.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Allowing people to post their property free should allow Thespacelink’s database of available properties to grow quickly. Instead of cutting out the middle man, Thespacelink provides tools that allow agents to increase sales and therefore the site shouldn’t face resistance from established agencies.

Some Questions About

How does Thespacelink aim to make a profit if they aren’t charging any sort of commission or finders fee? Will the current state of the US real estate market help or hinder Thespacelink? On one hand, there are a lot of people who are interested in selling at the moment but not many people buying.