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TheShadowLands.netWell here we have a real mysterious page full of the most undiscovered mysteries of our human kind. Since 1994, Dave Juliano & Tina Carlson offer readers with an open mind a complete archive of information about the most uncommon creatures that threat us from long ago.

The ShadowLands has been dedicated to informing and enlightening visitors on such topics as ghosts and haunting, mysterious creatures such as Bigfoot and Sea Serpents, UFOs and Aliens, and many other unsolved mysteries. The page provides the reader with general information on the mystery subjects and a bit more in depth info on others. If you read this pages with an open mind you should come away with a better understanding of these mysteries. While all of these subjects are laughed at or frowned upon by many, ShadowLands challenge you to at least take the time to decide for yourself. The page includes text files, videos, sounds, pictures, eye witness accounts, and more. They are always adding new information and updating various pages on a monthly basis.