– Voting For The Best Of Everything

TheRealBest.comA site which is available in English, Spanish and Italian, The Real Best is here to let people vote on just the best of everything. The word “everything” has to be taken as literally as possible, since the site is made up of a myriad categories that will let you cast a vote on topics that range from “The Most Beautiful Girl In The World” to “The Best Free Antivirus For Windows” to all the things that could fall somewhere in between.

That includes “The Best Game Of Intelligence”, “The Most Beautiful Musical Composition” and whatever could generate a modicum of interest. If it is something that will appeal to more than two or three people it is bound to be listed somewhere in the site, albeit the main lists I came across were predominantly oriented towards an Italian audience.

The website could do with a better interface and with some integration with social services – right now, it stands as something comparable to an island in the stream of information of the Internet. If it doesn’t become more accessible, more polished and (ultimately) more international I don’t see that much value in it. And neither will most casual visitors, I am afraid. In Their Own Words

“Vote the best of the best.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The concept that lies at the heart of it is interesting, as people will be able to vote and discuss on mostly everything – enough categories are already provided, and once (and if) people put them to good use the site will have something of a chance of making it.

Some Questions About

How can the site internationalize its content in a fast way?