Invitations That Don’t Break the Bank

Today’s Killer Startup: Swell & Grand




Elevator Pitch:

Swell & Grand sells affordable, beautiful, designs for invitations that are available for printing immediately.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

While most invitations these days seem to come via Facebook, there are certain occasions that still warrant an actual, physical, invitation. Sure, you don’t have to send out letters to let everyone know about your birthday dinner but your wedding? Baby shower? Graduation? Those bigger life events probably warrant a little more time and concern than the costume party you’re throwing next weekend.


The problem is, of course, something that anyone who has ever planned a wedding knows – invitations can be crazy expensive. Of course, it seems like everything around wedding planning is expensive these days but damn if the cost of those little shares of paper doesn’t hurt.


Swell & Grand solves that problem by offering invite templates that can be customized with your name and your colors and then printed at your local print shop or from your home printer. Because you take care of the printing process yourself (or, you know, let Kinko’s do it), the cost is exponentially lower than if you paid someone to do it all for you.


And, of course, using Swell & Grand’s templates means that the whole process is super fast on top of being super cheap.


The site offers templates for invitations for all the stages of weddings, kid-related events like baby showers, and business-related cards too.


There are whole industries out there built around events like weddings and, frankly, most of them are pretty intent on ripping you off. Swell & Grand is a nice change of pace from companies like that and hopefully a signal of a trend of moving toward what’s important about events: the memories you make there, not the money you spend to make it happen.



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