– IT Infrastructure Hosting is a company dedicated to help customers grow their businesses by providing the very best in product choice, expert service, and superior support. has begun the task of transforming the landscape of web and IT hosting by breaking through conventional barriers, and serving as an extension of your team. They made possible for small- and medium-size businesses across the world to take advantage of the benefits of On Demand IT Infrastructure hosting to compete on a level playing field with much larger enterprises. At the moment, The Planet provides comprehensive, world-class hosting solutions backed by a top management team, unmatched experience and expertise, leading-edge technologies, and award-winning service, to deliver an optimum blend of affordability, flexibility and reliability to its customers. What is more, the “on demand” IT products and services, such as self-managed servers and managed hosting solutions, are flexible and easy to manage, enabling customers reduce IT costs up to 75 percent, scale and grow business as the demands of customers and the marketplace change without incurring costs typically associated with buying, staffing and maintaining systems internally. They also allow costumers maintain control and leverage their IT infrastructure more cost effectively across the lifecycle of its business with products and services matched to every stage of growth and expansion, offload routine and time consuming administration to The Planet’ team of technical experts, keep its business focused on developing their core competency instead of constantly worrying about how to manage their IT infrastructure, and also gain a trusted business partner while taking advantage of the most current IT infrastructure products and expertise.