search cancel – iPod Compatible Files you like to use your iPod for more than just listening to music and playing solitaire? The iPodulator allows you to quickly and easily copy web pages or RSS feeds and read them on your iPod. The text is specially formatted so that it looks great on your iPod.


Using the iPodulator is very easy and all you have to do is go to the iPodulator site and enter the URL of a webpage or an RSS feed that you would like to read on your iPod, click “iPodinate” and bingo, the iPodulator creates a file that you can later copy to your iPod. The basic version of iPodulator only allows you to display up to 4096 characters on your iPod, however, the iPodulator Pro version does not have these limitations. In Their Own Words

Enter a URL above (starting with HTTP://) and hit “iPodinate.” It will take a moment to process. The URL can be a web page or an RSS feed. For webpages, always see if there is a “printer-friendly” version for iPodulation. This will give you a plain text formatted version of the site you enter, perfect for reading on your iPod. Note: the page will look badly formatted on your computer. Don’t worry, it will look great on your iPod.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Allowing you to copy whatever you like and read it later on your iPod is a great application that could become very popular. This is a really simple tool that could appeal to the mass of iPod users.

Some Questions About

This is a very useful technology but is more of a stop-gap technology which will become less popular as more and more people switch to PDA’s that allow them to surf the web in real time. The iPodulator Pro version could be even more of a hit given the increased functionality it has to offer

Author : Caroline Bright

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