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TheOpenskyProject.comIt has happened to every single one of us – we go shopping for any device (say, a digital camera) and we end up interacting with a dealer that knows less about the product than we actually do. That always happens at big stores where the salespeople employed there have to sell items ranging from MP4s to TV sets and computers.

The end result? We don’t buy a thing and then mourn the time that we have wasted.

As such, a concept like the one championed by the people responsible for the Open Sky Project will not fail to ignite a spark in many. Essentially, the project revolves around the idea of shopping only with experts. That is, the person who is going to be on the other side will be a knowledgeable one. He might know only about one type of product, but he will be certain to know it from front to back. That is something which obviously makes shopping more fulfilling for both sides.

These experts can be looked up through the site, and it is possible to shop both by expert and by category. Alternatively, if you think you have what it takes for becoming an expert simply sign up as one – the link and the conditions are on the website. In Their Own Words

“OpenSky connects you to experts and the products they love and use.

We call our experts Shopkeepers and together we’re bringing humanity back to shopping.

We believe that when you do and share what you love, and work together with like-minded people, you thrive.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Anything that makes shopping not only more effective but also more human is worth a definitive look.

Some Questions About

How many people are already part of this project? Where do they mainly hail from?